Logging in

Last changed: 2021-02-23

First time login


This step is only required if you’ve never previously logged in. For normal login procedure, skip this step and go directly to Subsequent logins.

In order to successfully log in, you first need to provision yourself as a user with an appropriate group and project. This is accomplished by following the steps below.

To provision yourself as a user, visit the following URL:

The following window will appear:


Click Sign up:


Here, you need to select your login provider. You should find your university or college in the list. Simply select it and the following appears:


In order to use this service, and to authenticate using Dataporten, you need to accept that the service stores some information about you. Click Yes, I accept to continue.


This finishes the initial login and provision procedure.


Copy and save the API password

The password for API access is generated and shown here. This is the only time that the API password is generated and shown to you. If you misplace or forget the API password and need another one, you have to reset it usimg the Reset API password link on the Access login page. Alternatively contact our support.

In order to continue to the dashboard, click Fortsett til NREC.

Subsequent logins

To log in to the NREC dashboard, point your browser to:

You’ll be presented with the following:

The default login screen

There are two methods for logging in. The method labelled “Dataporten” is correct for regular users. The “Local user” method is reserved for administrator and testing purposes. Dataporten is an external authentication service provided by UNINETT. To log in, choose “Dataporten” as authentication mechanism, then click “Connect”. You’ll be redirected to this page:

Dataporten: choose institution

Select the correct educational institution, by clicking on it. You’ll then reach this page:

Dataporten: login

Type in your regular user name and password, and click “Sign up”. You should then be redirected back to the NREC dashboard:

Log in finished

You are now logged in, and can proceed with using OpenStack.